If theory is the ‘bread and butter’ then Jeremy and Jason are the tasty filling!  No one can show you how to build your ‘jazzwich’ with more passion, concrete usable knowledge, or flavor than these two.  Many thanks!
— Corinne Pirot, Miller Comprehensive High School - Regina, Saskatchewan
What a great experience and opportunity I had to study under Jeremy Fox and Jason Smith.  I am a music teacher but received all my training in the late 80’s/early 90’s and had no formal training in jazz theory. My vocal jazz group was barely surviving due to my lack of knowledge, but after taking the Jazz Camp with these two men I now feel more confident in what I am doing. Jeremy and Jason both worked hands on with me to make sure they had instilled in me enough knowledge for me to be able to take my group to a new level....
— Lindy Welch, Dayspring Christian Academy - Greeley, Colorado
Jeremy and Jason’s methods and materials for teaching jazz theory to teachers is clear, concise and VERY effective.  I learned skills that I could immediately apply to my jazz choir, and have more to offer my students as a result.  I would HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone teaching vocal or instrumental jazz.
— Cynthia Wahl, Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute - Winnipeg, Manitoba
The jazz theory that Jason and Jeremy teach has single handedly helped to improve my confidence and knowledge in directing my jazz choir – it’s nothing I ever got out of my Music Ed degree, but something I knew I would need to know when I was out in a real classroom.  The scoring and arranging techniques, and the practical manner in which they teach will change your music theory life!!  I used to fear jazz theory, and now I can’t wait to dive into pieces, and see how to best teach them to my students.
— Edwina Hebert, Thomas Jefferson High School - Denver, Colorado
Jeremy has a wealth of knowledge in jazz education and was able to provide me with a number of resources which further developed and enriched my skill set. I was able to implement these new practices directly into my regional arts music program at school and reinvigorate my students’ love of learning.

Jason has a practical approach to the instruction of jazz theory and keyboard harmony, arranging and voice leading. With his wealth of experience, he is able to use a variety of teaching strategies to personalize the type and delivery of information, facilitating successful learning for his students
— Kelly MacDougall, St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School of the Performing Arts – Brampton, Ontario

Attending Jazz Camp was an amazing and inspiring experience due to the talents of Jeremy and Jason. Their motivating teaching styles encouraged all of us to strive for excellence in our own jazz choirs. I wish this opportunity was available to all of my colleagues throughout the Northwest.
— Nancy Ojala, Bozeman High School - Bozeman, Montana